Designed at the foot of the Teton Mountain Range in Jackson, Wyoming are New West Knifeworks Custom Knives.  These knives come and go.  We sometimes make small runs of similar knives, but these are always very unique and usually one of a kind.  After putting extensive time into makeing one of the highest performance lines of knives available anywhere, and makeing them in the USA from start to finish, we have to take some time to have fun!  So we make some of our most special knives with our local boys over the hill in Idaho Falls.  Fortunately these local boys happen to be some of the best bladesmiths in the world.  The detail and care that go into every decision & step of production with a our customs always results in a functionally excellent knife. Making custom knifes we also enjoy having the opportunity to add extra details to make each knife character rich. We hope you enjoy them!