Wedding Registries

Welcome to New West KnifeWorks Bridal Registry Page. 

Congratulations on being engaged! At New West your special day is much more than the gifts you receive, it is a celebration of a partnership.  By registering with us, you will be partnering with America’s Premier Cutlery Boutique.  We would be honored to always be a guest in your kitchen as you build your lives together. 

The process of registering with us is fairly easy.  By working one on one with our wedding/knife concierges, accuracy and ease of your registry will become seamless for your family and friends.  To make an appointment call the shop (307) 733-4193 or email We look forward to working with you!  


Wedding Registries:

Taylor Gikey & Matthew Laird: 4/29/2017- Requested Gifts

Gillian Butsch & Jeremy Berrian 6/10/2017 - Requested Gifts

Elizabeth Sargent & Maxwell Troop: 6/24/17- Requested Gifts

Erica Amos & Nicholas Nalbone: 7/29/2017- Requested Gifts

Michele DeRossi & Joseph Vidarte: 9/16/17- Requested Gifts

Meredith DePietro & George Farrell 9/23/17- Requested Gifts

Alisa Etzel & Russell Huebschel: 9/24/16- Requested Gifts 

Gianna Risoli & Nathan Bybee: 9/4/16- Requested Gifts

Mollie O'Flaherty & Tyler Wetzel: 8/6/16- Requested Gifts


A Few Notes: 

*Don't worry about the handle color. We have already organzied the color of choice with the bethrothed. Your purchase will guarantee the knife, and we will guarantee the color.
*Please include the name of the registry in the Shipping Notes of your purchase.


For more information on our knives please visit our Information Page.

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